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Awards and Scoring

A complete copy of the All-City Rules is available for download.

Participation Awards

All participants receive one commemorative swim bag tag as a Participation Award.

Heat Winner

Each 14-and-under heat winner for preliminary events receives a free treat coupon from The Chocolate Shoppe or Culvers. NOTE: The Chocolate Shoppe coupons are good for ice cream only at the Chocolate Shoppe retail shops, NOT from the truck that will be selling ice cream during the meet. Swimmers 15-and-over should bring their ribbon to the awards table to fill out an entry for a drawing. Prizes will be displayed at the table.

Individual Awards

Awards are given for 1st through 18th place in final events, including all individual and relay team members. Pick up medals/ribbons at the Awards Tent shortly after results are posted/read over the PA system.

Medals are awarded for 1st-3rd place.

Ribbons are awarded for 4th-18th place.

Age Group Trophies

The team with the highest score in each age group receives a trophy. Boys and girls receive separate trophies.

Tom Knoche Trophy

AKA the team trophy. This trophy is awarded to the team with the most points overall. Each relay is scored in its exact finish position for the age group point totals. Only one relay team (the highest placing) from each pool scores points for the final team totals.

Pete Christiansen Trophy

AKA, the efficiency award. Recognizes the team with the highest ratio of their total points to their number of swimmers in the meet.

Food Drive Trophy

This award goes to the team contributing the greatest value of items per swimmer. Credit card and cash donations go the farthest! The competition ends at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. The winning team will be announced at the end of the meet on Sunday.

Timing System

Primary timing is the fully automatic Colorado Timing System. Secondary timing is a semi-automatic system. Tertiary timing consists of manual watches. For 8 & under individual events where the finish line is not at the start of the pool, it is acceptable for primary timing to be a semi-automatic system with a secondary timing system of manual watches. HY-TEKS’s Meet Manager software is used for processing results.