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Welcome to the 2019 All-City Swim Championships!

We are, together, the All-City Swim and Dive League. We are a collection of 13 pools spread across Madison, Middleton, Monona, Fitchburg, and Maple Bluff.

Here at the West Side Swim Club, we are always aware that we are close to the geographic center of the League. Our pool is nestled between two busy suburban streets and the Beltline. We are the Concrete Jungle, the commuter pool.

With the notions of commuting and transportation in mind, we have taken our visual cues for this championship from one of the great public transportation systems in the world, the London Underground. Our primary logo, the ‘Circle Logo’ — seen in the banner of this site — is evocative of the Underground signage for stations. It is your visual cue that you are at the Swimming Underground. Our secondary logo, the ‘Map Logo’ brings all 13 pools of the All-City League together in a subway-inspired map of the Madison area.

We welcome you to our pool, whether you have come by car, bike, or bus. We welcome you if you represent the ‘Original Five’ line of Maple Bluff, Shorewood, Hill Farm, West Side, and Ridgewood. We welcome you if you represent the two newest spur lines to the All-City map, Hawks Landing and Goodman. Whichever of the stations on the All-City map that you represent, the West Side Dolphins welcome you.

Let’s swim!