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General information

West Side is located in a commercial area. Because of this, we ask our guests to respect our neighbors and avoid parking in parking lots associated with commercial businesses unless otherwise noted. Parking will be tight, especially on Friday.

Parking is definitely NOT ALLOWED in the following lots (and you run the risk of being ticketed or towed if you park there):

  • Heritage Square (the shopping center adjacent to the pool)
  • Hy-Vee
  • Westgate
  • Whitney Square Shopping Center

We’ve worked hard with our neighbors to provide a variety of options for those who plan to drive to the meet, including fee parking (pay in advance) and free parking on neighborhood streets. Please consider carpooling.

We also encourage you to consider using alternative forms of transportation. The pool is less than 1/2 mile from the Bus West Transfer Point (a 10 minute walk). You might also consider a ride-sharing service. We’ve also set up bike racks near swimmer drop off and the west YMCA.

If you have any questions about parking, please direct them to [email protected].

Parking for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

Persons bearing a disabled license plate or hang tag issued by any state or country may park in spots designated for persons with disabilities (PWD) near Swimmer Drop Off. These spots are located close to Tent City and the pool entrance. Please check with the attendant when pulling into the lot located off Odana Road (eastbound) for more specific instructions.

Please be advised we have 25 spots allocated for PWD. This number is consistent with that of previous years. If the spots fill, please check with an attendant for suggestions about possible alternate locations.

Preferred Parking (pre–pay lots)

West Side has worked with our neighbors to establish “preferred parking” for those who want guaranteed, hassle-free parking close to the pool.

NOTE: Pre-pay lots are all sold out now.

  1. West YMCA. This is the lot at the western end of YMCA parking lot. Enter there from Medical Drive.
  2. Former Copps parking lot.
Parking zones map
View / download a PDF version of this map

Volunteer Parking

Timers and Clerk of Course volunteers will receive complimentary parking reasonably close to the pool on the day of their volunteer shift. You will pick up your parking pass (and information about where to park) at swimmer warm ups.

If you have questions about your volunteer parking assignment, please email [email protected].

Other Spectator Parking

We encourage spectators and visitors to park in the ample street parking provided in the following locations (available throughout the meet)

West of the pool:

  • Along the south side of Medical Circle (near the west YMCA)
  • Along roads in Research Park (watch restrictions)

East of Whitney Way:

  • Golf Green neighborhood (located south of Odana Road)
  • Midvale Heights neighborhood (north of Odana)
  • Along Tokay Road and Segoe Road (obey restrictions)
  • Along Odana Road (obey restrictions)

Many of the streets allowing street parking have restrictions for turning zones, buses, and bike lanes. Please obey all signs or run the risk of being ticketed or towed.

City of Madison map showing restricted street parking areas near West Side Pool
Map courtesy of City of Madison. Yellow indicates restricted street parking; all other residential streets are open for parking, but be sure to obey posted signs. View / download a PDF version of this map.

Additional Saturday/Sunday Parking

UW Health (Odana Atrium) and part of the Ultratec lot on Tokay Blvd (just west of the West Transfer Point) are offering free parking on Saturday & Sunday ONLY. These lots are shaded yellow in the following map.

Parking zones map
View / download a PDF version of this map

Map: Walking Times to West Side from surrounding areas

Map showing walking-time radiuses in the vicinity of West Side.
Map showing the approximate walking time in minutes from the vicinity surrounding West Side Swim Club. View / download a PDF version of this map.