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Swimmer Dropoff and Traffic Flow

Swimmer Dropoff is on the south side of Odana Rd., adjacent to Tent City (see map below). This is the former M&I Bank location, 5567 Odana Rd.

Entry into Swimmer Dropoff is limited to right turns only off eastbound Odana Rd. You will not be able to turn left off Odana Rd. into Swimmer Dropoff.

The best route is to take the Beltline to the Gammon Rd. exit. (Don’t exit at Whitney Way!) Head north on Gammon. Take a right onto Odana Rd. Go 1.5 miles to Swimmer Dropoff, which is shortly after Medical Circle.

Looks for signs along the way!

Map, Approaching Swimmer Dropoff:

ap showing route to approach Swimmer Dropoff from eastbound Beltline, exiting the Beltline at Odana Rd.
Approach Swimmer Dropoff heading east on Odana Rd. (Exit the Beltline at Gammon Rd.)

Map: Entering and Exiting Swimmer Dropoff

Turn right into Swimmer Dropoff from eastbound Odana. Left turns from Westbound Odana will be prevented by road barriers.